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Meet the Swimmer behind the brand:

Cyndi Starr

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Hi there fellow swimmer, I am Cyndi Starr. My life has always been based around swimming. Since a young age, I have been known among the competitive field, and now I keep myself busy as a full time swimming coach / stroke analyst and business owner of my own swimming brand called - One Life Swim It. 


The original concept for this new brand came from my teenage years when my father designed my very own set of hand paddles for training as we couldn't afford paddles back then. A few years later, I was spotted training at the gym with my original paddles from when I was thirteen year's old, and was asked if I would be willing to make more paddles and sell them to swimmers. Over the years, these swimming paddles became unique and quite popular among my swimmers and have grown into my brand. 

I have since then added to the brand as I have always wanted a swimming cap that meant something to me personally. I then designed the logo with a butterfly swimmer and a heart line to match the name of my brand. If you know me well enough, you would know that I have a medical condition and with this I am unable to race competitively in certain heart rate zones, however, I still swim competitively on a masters level taking up the odd few challenges. I own some South African Masters swimming records, which keeps me honest in the pool. I also enjoy the outdoor and open water swimming. I will always be a swimmer by heart, as swimming has given me a family of friends and a life I enjoy being part of. No matter where you are in life, or how fast you go in the pool, I will always encourage you to swim with heart. 

I recently wrote a book called The Imperfect Swimmer, which is based on my swimming life as a competitive swimmer and now social swimmer and age group / Masters coach. My book can be found on Amazon, using the link below :

If you are as passionate about swimming as I am, I would like to welcome you to this One Life Swim It family. This swimming family brings together swimmers from all ages and levels from around the world. We are unique and I hope this brand brings people together discussing their swimming adventures and experiences. Tra La La 

Age Group Winner at Lake Heritage Open w
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