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Coach Cyndi Starr
Age Group Winner

My life has always been based around swimming. Since a young age, I have been known among the competitive field, and now I keep myself busy as a full time swimming coach / stroke analyst and business owner and ocean hugger. 

I have a medical condition restricting me to race competitively in certain heart rate zones, however, I still swim competitively on a masters level taking up the odd few challenges to race my fellow swimming friends. I own some South African Masters swimming Records and place within the top 10% in my age group in Fina Rankings. This keeps me honest in the pool, and humble enough to know that I can continue in a sport, which brings so much joy to my life.  


I also enjoy open water swimming. and have opened my heart to ocean swims, completing my first cold water swim known as the Robben Island crossing in 2021 off the coast of the Western Cape in South Africa. We are spoiled to live in a beautiful country with pristine coastlines, inspiring my brand to bring the beautiful colors of our South Africa to life. Other swims consist of the Adriatic Ocean off the coast of Croatia, swimming in Lake Zurich and exploring the crystal clear waters of the Turkish peninsula. My love for the ocean grows stronger with appreciation for our beautiful big blue. 


I will always be a swimmer by heart, as swimming has given me a family of friends and a life I enjoy being part of. No matter where you are in life, or how fast you go in the pool, I will always encourage you to swim with heart. ​

You see, swimmers are unique and super lekker people. The aim for this brand is to bring swimmers together, sharing  their swimming adventures and experiences. The aim is to continue building a swimming family and help people to love the sport and respect the power of water. Tra La La 

About our brand:

Hi there fellow swimmer, Welcome to One Life Swim it. If you found our page, you most likely as cool as we are and love water as much as we do. We hope you enjoy your swimming journey with us.


One Life Swim It officially became known on the back end of 2019 where we started off by marketing our very own super cool custom made swim paddles to our local club. We then branded swim caps to make a statement, bringing our name to life. Little did we know that our brand would grow so much and become loved by many swimmers from many different oceans. This is totally awesome.  

One Life Swim It has since made waves over the years with the objective to encouraging swimmers to love water and keep pushing new goals in swimming. With opportunities to swim all over the world and meeting many new swimmers who inspire us to want to grow more, we continue to build on our brand by swimming with heart and encouraging people to spend more time around water, swimming and having a dip in all the different lakes and oceans. 

One Life Swim It strives to be different as we design our products to suit all swimmers. All our products are designed by swimmers for swimmers, because swimmers know best. One Life Swim It gear is locally produced in South Africa, bringing a rainbow of colors to life, keeping it local. Local is lekker! 

We love sharing in your swimming journey and look forward to creating a swimming family who continue to inspire other swimmers to take on pool swimming, adventure swimming and open water swimming across the globe. 

Meet the Swimmer behind the brand: Cyndi Starr

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