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One Life Swim It offers Timing Clocks for various different sports

1) Portable Pace Clock (Mini) NEW PRODUCT

Our newest product - the mini Pace Clock is unique as it hosts several settings in different colors. The mini pace clock is an L.E.D. based system which is powered by a portable battery charger (the ones cellphone use) 

The small design makes it easily transportable and can be placed next to the pool side, athletics field or at your home pool. 

The brightness can be set on the clock making it visible from far. 

It has a remote starter or can be connected to your android cellular phone and started via Bluetooth.. 

This is a winner. 

They also come in different colors making them stand out. 

To order your pace clock - drop us a mail at 

2) Pace Clocks for swimming / Equestrian / Water Polo Score boards / Cricket  

Basketball / Athletics and more

Custom made designs to suit your needs. - we have been building pace clocks for over 20 years and supplying worldwide. 

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