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One Life Swim It offers a unique underwater video analysis experience

Our underwater video analysis consists of 3 different packages tailored to each and every individual from beginner to advanced level. We focus on key points in each stroke while capturing video footage from multiple angles, allowing us to enhance slow motion and stop action examinations. We identify individual stroke inefficiencies in order to promote a comprehensive overview with visual and written feedback in the video. Every swimmer has their strengths and weaknesses in the water, and by using our expertise with personalised underwater video analysis, we identify errors for detailed correction using video evidence. We offer personalised drills for the different strokes to help build your technique for a smoother and more efficient stroke form while swimming.

When analysing your videos, we will be able to identify balance issues, lead arm positioning errors and timing of the stroke rate during each cycle. If there is power loss in your technique, our team will take an in depth look at your stroke to enable a more efficient movement through the water, ironing out all the problem areas we tend to miss as swimmers, while pacing up and down in the swimming pool.

Book your video analysis session with us in order to start improving on your technique.

The analysis session consists of the following

  1. 30 Minute pool session for underwater video analysis

  2. We then book a separate 30 Minute sit down session where we give written feedback on the analysis with personalised drills to improve your technique, as well as the video feedback allowing visual understanding of the stroke and technique inefficiencies. You will receive your personalised video link, which is unique to you. 


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We offer  main packages for swimmers and triathletes.


Freestyler Package

This package is uniquely designed for triathletes or swimmers who need to improve on a specific stroke. The Freestyler provides individual attention to refine your skills allowing the opportunity to improve with individualised stroke correction. Every analysis is unique to the swimmer, helping you to become a better and more efficient swimmer.


Two Stroke Package

The Two Stoke package is designed for swimmers who focus on one or more strokes and don’t quite want to tackle all four just yet. Most swimmers have two main strokes, and with this package, we identify individual inefficiencies as we overview recorded material from multiple angles. This package is tailored to for both beginner and advanced swimmers or triathletes.  

Medley Package

The Medley Package is the all rounder package. Focusing on all four individual strokes. Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. This package gives a comprehensive breakdown of the four different strokes, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the swimmer. This package is ideal for pool racing swimmers from beginner to advanced level.

If you don't live in Johannesburg, we can still help you

We can assist you from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is send us your own video's of you swimming, preferably from different angles, and our team will analyze your swims for you. We will send you feedback and drill work to help you improve on your swimming technique. TRY US OUT



Laura Menzies

"As someone who never had formal swim coaching growing up, the One Life Swim It underwater analysis was a great way to understand exactly what I am doing (and not doing!) in the water, massively helping me to improve my technique and become a more efficient, faster swimmer"

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